Permanent Door Awning Construction In Hanover, PA by Hersh Concepts

Door Awnings not only protect you and your property from bad weather, they can also add appeal to your home or business.

Door Awning Construction Hanover PA by Hersh Concepts
Permanent Door Awning Construction in Hanover, PA by Hersh Concepts

Awning Material Types

Awnings can be constructed of many different types of materials, including canvas, metal, fiberglass, vinyl or even wood.

When deciding on the type of material for your Awning, there are some things to consider.

Metal Awnings are susceptible to deterioration over time, through rust or corrosion.

Canvas and fiberglass are light weight materials that are vulnerable to high winds.  Also, Awnings made from these materials tend to fade after years of exposure to sunlight.

An Awning that is entirely constructed of wood is by far the sturdiest when it comes to holding up to weather elements.

wood awnings
Awnings constructed of wood are more durable and last longer.

Awnings constructed of wood are also superior when it comes to good looks and adding value to your  property.

Awning Contractor

If you live or own a business in York and Adams County,  Pennsylvania, Hersh Concepts can provide construction of the Awning you desire.

Whether it’s to cover a door, deck, porch or patio, we can get the job done. We provide high quality workmanship, and total customer satisfaction.

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